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Hi Everyone,


THIS IS A BIG DEAL. The fact is that we've had 8 automated emergency shutdowns at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in the last 3 years, and Entergy, according to Gov. Baker, has still not been able to figure out why the reactor is having these high-speed emergency shutdowns. Nor has the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, which is at the plant, looking over its shoulder. Nevertheless, Entergy keeps starting it up again, and running it with its fingers crossed. 


But crossing fingers is not good enough! 




1.   The next time there's a high-speed emergency shutdown, called a SCRAM, the plan is to meet at the State House at 1 PM on the next business day to protest most vociferously. This means loudly. Bring noisemakers, signs, etc. WE WILL BE NOTICED!  Please wait for the alert to be clear as to what day. 


2.   This also means that our organizations have to alert our memberships ahead of time, so our members are ready to go at A MOMENT"S NOTICE. Meaning that we make signs ahead of time, and make provisional plans to take over our usual caretaker obligations if we're suddenly called on to head downtown. (Get off at Park St. T station, and take a short walk up Park St. to the State House.)


3.   Keep those signs and T-shirts at the ready, if you have some, and most important, keep yourself on "on-call alert", so you can be there to make the point that we don't want a reactor that keeps having emergency shutdowns for reasons that NO ONE CAN FIGURE OUT!


Please tell your memberships. Many thanks, and check out the attachment for more info. 


Guntram Mueller, Boston Downwinders



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