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Entergy : Opinion Turco: ‘We want a future, not a Fukushima’ NRC inaction on Pilgrim has failed region


Watchdog groups question latest Pilgrim inspection

Letter to NRC Inspector and Inspection Team

by Diane Turco

Additional NRC Oversight at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

NRC to tighten oversight on Entergy's Pilgrim reactor in Massachusetts

NRC Chair sees "degraded performance" at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant

NRC Web Page puts spotlight on

Pilgrim Plant

Owner of Pilgrim Power Plant faces possible punishment...

Fukushima: GE knew its Nuclear Reactor design was unsafe

Cape Downwinders Rally On Anniversary of Fukushima Disaster, Call For Pilgrim Shutdown

March 11, 2016

Deconstructing Pilgrim: NRC Design flaw dismissal only protects nuclear energy industry   by Diane Turco


Pilgrim critics offer their take on the pending plant closure


Belgium Fear Nuclear Plants are Vulnerable


    NRC: Pilgrim let safety gear lapse

    Relays controlling safety valves should have been replaced 12 years ago, inspectors find.



5 violations found in quarterly review of Pilgrim nuclear plant

By Christine Legere


Safety concerns persist at aging power plant

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