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Dr. Helen Caldicott's response to Pilgrim Closing in 4 years

In March this year 127 children under 18 in the Fukushima prefecture when the accident occurred, have developed thyroid cancer, (normal incidence is 1 to 2 per million). Thyroid cancer appears early post radiation exposure, leukemia occurs 5 to 10 years post exposure, solid cancers from 15 to 80 years.

No-one is officially collecting data on other cancers and leukemia, all of which can be caused by radiation.


Dr. Clapp-Pilgrim Cancer Study

Sept 8 2015

In five years, no data collected and no conclusions reached.  U.S. Sen. Edward Markey voiced criticism of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's decision to halt a study into cancer rates for populations living near nuclear power plants.

May 23, 2012

By Diane Turco

Diane Turco at Pilgrim on Sunday. Rodney Lewis photo.The actions of the 14 people arrested on the demand of Entergy Nuclear Corporation in Plymouth this past Sunday was in the best American tradition of resistance and supports the fact that dissent in a democracy is an act of faith.

Whether one is for or against nuclear power, public safety should be a concern for all. We have learned the tragic lessons of Fukushima. The horrific devastation of the Fukushima Prefecture area, where no one can return due to the man-made tragedy, is just unimaginable. 

Can we ever believe that it could happen here on beautiful Cape Cod? 

A Japanese court has dismissed a lawsuit demanding that the government pay for the re-settlement of children from the city of Koriyama, 60 km from the site of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which suffered a meltdown in 2011.

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