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     Cape Downwinders is a non-profit community organization based on Cape Cod.  We investigate, educate and agitate for the immediate closure of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant in Plymouth, MA.  We take action to protect the lives and welfare of the residents, wildlife, our waters and the environment of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket and beyond against the threats of death or injury resulting from the use of nuclear energy at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant. Some of our actions include:  Public presentations on Pilgrim with guest speakers such as Dr. Helen Caldicott, Senator Dan Wolf, former Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan among others.  Also, ballot initiatives, stand-outs, protests, non-violent direct action and outreach to communities across the state and beyond.  We work with legislative lobby teams to develop and support MA bills for public health and safety. We are affiliated with Boston Downwinders, MA Downwinders, Pilgrim Coalition and other regional and national groups.  Our mission is to work for the immediate closure of Pilgrim.


Cape Downwinders Steering Committee


Margaret Stevens, Bourne/

Arlene Williamson, Mashpee/

Maxine Wolfset, Mashpee/

Don Barton, Mashpee/

Susan Carpenter, Dennis/

Bonnie Brydges, Harwich/

Diane Turco, Harwich/

Arthur Dickinson, Harwich/

Elaine Dickinson, Harwich/  

Mary Conathan, Chatham/



Karen Quinn, Centerville/

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